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Exciting New Products from the Newtrition Company [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Raven Sable

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OOM: Sable's office [Jul. 6th, 2006|12:25 am]
Raven Sable
[music |something sparse by Philip Glass]

Sable's breathtaking view is clouded by fog today - although as high up as this office is, the misty soup would be more accurately classified as clouds. The stormy skies mirror his mood as he stalks around the office, muttering dictation into a wafer-thin recorder.

"...Red Cross... take their relief fund and shove... see that the FDA finds...check with White about contaminants..."

At his receptionist's tentative knock on the door, he snarls, looking much less the unflappable businessman for just a split second. Looking much less human, for that matter.

"When I said 'no interruptions,' Chase, I meant--" he begins, and breaks off as the door opens.

"...I meant, unless you're in the mood for a fight."

Chase looks briefly at each of them and backs out, closing the door tightly behind him.
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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2006|02:38 am]
Raven Sable
It's eleven A.M. in New York City, and Dr. Raven Sable has already had a busy day. A series of complicated acquisitions mean that large sums of money have changed hands more than once, fueled by greed (hunger), jealousy (hunger), and other desires for things denied. His sleek black suit blends seamlessly with a hundred others as he strides into the stainless steel corporate lobby. And if Sable's immaculate suit is a little darker, a little more absorbent of the soft fluorescent glow of artificial light as he steps into the elevator, no one notices. Three people reach as one for gum or single-calorie mints as he joins the group going up.

One by one they step off at their appointed floors, until Sable is alone in the humming silence. He tilts his head in a stretch that sounds like bones cracking, and his features flicker slightly under the lights.

The door opens. Composed, he steps out, nods to Frannie, and turns toward his office in time to catch a flash of red hair. A slow, thin smile spreads itself across his face.

"Frannie? Cancel my eleven-thirty. I've had another meeting come up at the last minute."

Frannie blinks. "But your eleven-thirty is with Albert Keller. It's that new distributor you were so anxious to meet with."

"If Keller complains, just tell him that national security comes first. He'll understand."

"Yes, sir," Frannie says hesitantly, but Sable is already gone.
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Voice Post [Dec. 3rd, 2005|07:38 pm]
Raven Sable
930K 4:15
(no transcription available)
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Memething [Oct. 3rd, 2005|08:03 am]
Raven Sable
[mood |intimidatedintimidated]

Tell me one thing I don't know about Raven Sable.

New mun. So this would be a LOT.
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